AtomSync is the new time synchronization utility developed by EmTec Innovative Software. AtomSync allows your machine to connect to an internet time server and retrieve the offical time. AtomSync then compares the differences between the time and makes the proper adjustments. How precise is it? Your new time will be within milliseconds of 'official time' used by many countries.

AtomSync has been designed to be completely user configurable.

Settings for 50 internet time servers. Option to enter a custom time server. Automated or user activated adjustments when necessary. Scheduled intervals for checking time servers. Customizable figures for acceptable time differences.
User notifications
Optional user pop-up notification when time adjustments are needed. WAV file notification of time adjustment. Optional integration with Microsoft Agent for spoken and animated user notifications.
AtomSync can be minimized to the system tray. 'Always on top' option. Ability to add the display clock to your desktop. User customizable clock appearance.
Right click mouse controls and optional hot-key settings

In addition to the above AtomSync features a unique network synchronization ability not found in competitors. When registered at the server level and running in a network environment, AtomSync can function as a time server and broadcast the correct time to all machines in your workgroup. Also as a bonus, the registration of an AtomSync LAN time server provides a license for all copies of AtomSync using that server.

AtomSync's main screen.

AtomSync's server selection screen.

Microsoft's Agent notifying user of a needed update.